Death of former Mayor Tom Bastock & other old news

Just to make understanding these e-mails better, START reading from the botom and read upwards. pablo

I think that this as much as I can remember, at the moment;

They were a good crowd, many of them borders, for whom, I, as a day-boy, had an enormous amount of sympathy:-  Keith Langston, Andy ??( who left to join the forces ), Salem Khazie, Tony Robson, Josephine “Jo” Walker, Paul “Dusty” Miller, Lex Wissink, Robert Robinson, Nigel Walker, Ray Albury, Hugh “Vicar” Newell, Funke Osbadu, Mope Oybalu, John Beale ( whose parents owned a sea front hotel ), Phillipa “Pip” Woodcock, Pat Dampier and Vernon “Live“ Livermore – of later Foreign Office fame, Charles “Chas Mac” Hardy and his sister Carole Hardy, ( who both joined BOAC where their father worked)

Bruce “Buster” Rowland, Harold Keyser, Phillip Bastock, Jimmy Coleman, Leslie Baines, Angela “Angie” Woodcock,

All the girls from Lourdes Convent, the lovely Myra ( who Rob and I knew rather well ) and her friend Jenny, also Anne Marie who set up Pineapple Exercise Studios with Roger Daltry of “The Who” fame, and had “age synchronicity issues”, when I met her again in the eighties. (snigger, snigger). 

And to all those randy sods who thought going to Art College meant just meant “Cor’ . . .  Nudes”.

Thanks guys, you should have seen some of the models ! ! ! !  . . .  Nuff said.


Tom and I were briefly reunited, when a mutual friend found out that both my late grandfathers had been high-ranking Masons and that one was Provincial, Grand Master of Warwickshire. Tom popped out of the woodwork and seconde my " Application ".   My feet didn’t touch the ground and despite strong parental and “other” opposition, I found myself fast-tracked into very youthful membership of Brighton Regency Lodge, based in Queens Road.

However, like Groucho Marx, I don’t normally join any club that would have me as a member and soon realised that I was merely a “Hunting Trophy”. The error was quickly corrected, when I resigned, much to Tom’s horror, after about eighteen months.

To be honest, I found the “business” aspect to be rather oppressive and the ceremonial was hilarious, to say the least. 

Phillip B incidentally, was also a lodge member.  

Tom was a Conservative Councillor for Telscombe, where he lived. He is recorded as having died on the 23rd February 2003. 

Below is his obituary from the Sussex Express; I did not attend the funeral.


Death of former Mayor2


TOM Bastock, twice mayor of Telscombe, has died aged 93.

A retired schoolmaster, principal and owner of Preston College for 36 years, Major Bastock, a widower, was one of the most senior Freemasons in Sussex.

He was a serious walker and a member of Brighton and Hove Athlectic Club. Had World War II not intervened, the major would have been an Olympic competitor.

He served as a town councillor for 24 years, becoming mayor in 1979 and again in 1991. He was also a Lewes district councillor.

Following the funeral at the Downs Crematorium, Brighton, at 12.45pm on Monday next, relatives and friends are invited to the Telscombe Civic Centre for refreshments.

'Hope this all helps to clear the mists of time a little. 

I'll try and shoot some repro pix of the cracked ( 'Buchanan's ) original roll print.

All the best,



On 18 May 2014, at 14:21, Di Kayser wrote:

Hi you two and trust you are both well..

Well well, you are most definitely two little bees and you both seem very industrious in your individual as well as your combined lifestyles and was wondering where your mugshot Mike is featured on any of the PC annual pupil panoramic photos whilst you attended the place?. Would like to get a look at you as sometimes pictures can reveal more than just a face,and also you may well be recognizable to identify you.

Would be pleased that you intend to help the OPCPO members to track down some of those mystery faces on the photo's I mentioned here earlier and that will hopefully increase the number of ex pupils known to us all and meet up in the future.

Once I departed PC in 1962 I always wondered what happened to the Bastock family having known that Mr B senior died around the time after I left. What I do know is that Lynn lives with Christopher Hart (an ex pupil of PC) in Sandwich,Kent which I discovered via Aileen or Pauline but not sure which.I attempted to contact the couple via email but got no response from either of them,however I was warned that they wanted to be left alone and I relented to their wishes without hearing a word from them.As for Philip the last I heard regarding him is that he now lives somewhere in South Africa, but to date have not managed to locate him.So that deals with that subject as far as I am concerned.!

The two sport cars you both own takes me back to good times and when I married wife number two we had two sports cars too,one was the 2litre Nissan 200X and the other was a Mazda 1.6litre MX5 which I preferred as it was lighter and much cheaper and easy peasy to drive.Those were great times indeed!

Talking about shows..I was a working director of a menswear/dresswear hire company in Essex and I did wedding shows around Essex/Herts and Bucks for many years which I loved since I modelled some of the outfits and ultimately met wife number two incidentally.

Take it you live in the Lewes area and atleast you are not too far from the Brighton Area,some of the members live within a couple of hours drive from there but we live in Hitchin,Herts and love the location.

Look forward to hearing from you soon and ultimately one weekend meeting you both when it fits in with your plans.

Shalom Aleichem and all the very best from us both. Take care..

Gabz and Diz..


Preston College...great to hear from you Mike...!

Sun, 18 May 2014 09:56:25 +0100

Hi Harold and Leslie,

Nice to hear from you.

As I said to Pablo, I will research a list of remembered names and pass the info on to you + the background stuff I have on Tom, as I may know more about him than anyone else. This may take a little time.

Meetings may be difficult, as my wife is a fellow of her society and spends a lot of weekends at meetings in London, or whizzing around the UK and Europe organising exhibitions.

We also have two classic cars ( a '69 A.H. Sprite and a '67 MG B GT ), and belong to several associated clubs, which means that the rest of our time is spent at various events or shows, around the south and writing and illustrating the odd article on the subject for various magazines.

There is also family membership of Lewes; Commercial Square Bonfire Society, which has its headquarters a mere 100 yards from our house, but we are cutting down on that a bit.

We will however try to fit things in.

All the best,

Mike Ward-Sale.


On 17 May 2014, at 15:12, Di Kayser wrote:

HI Michael,

Sorry for this very long email but the excitement within me on your contacting me is a real blessing,I assure you friend.

I cannot evaluate where you found me but so glad you have on my and the groups behalf..Welcome to the OPCPO..!

Yes, you are right and I do not remember you, but might if I recognize you when we meet all in the group as I have with others. Some of the ex pupils named below might so no worries...your email and my response will be sent to all members after I have finished writing to you today. I will also leave you my/our details at the end of this email.

It has been a real difficult task finding ex pupils from our college as none of us are getting any younger given that most of us are in our 60's and even older.. and this is the first time I have had any form of contact from anyone outside our group for ages..The OPCPO as it is now known stands for Old Preston College Pupils Organization and I am the designated dogs body or Secretary General as one of our main oldest members bestowed that on me. It is I mainly, that is instigating a search on guys/gals like you who have little or no knowledge that we actually exist but we are always looking to swell our membership to atleast 20 bods as a first target...and 30 as the best result possible

The college is also mentioned on MY BRIGHTON AND HOVE SITE if you enter PRESTON COLLEGE on it,also on AMNESIA INTERNATIONAL if you add PABLO MULLER to your search. There also will be entries on the FRIENDS REUNITED SITE too if your enter PRESTON COLLEGE,SUSSEX. Apart from that we have already had 2 OPCPO meetings in Brighton ,two of them at the Royal Albion Hotel opposite the pier on the seafront,and these are biannual occasions with the next one due in early September this year following our last one in March.

We usually met up on a Saturday around noon (or nearest to that time) and after introductions,reintroductions, and several drinks etc. we all move on to a predesignated restaurant nearby for lunch at around 2.30pm which gives any late comers a timescale. Our last nosh house was very much liked by the group and we intend to do the very same thing later

this year but spend most of our time there as there is live entertainment there apart from the nosh and grog.Currently we conclude late on the same day but it is very possible that some of the group may elect to extend the meet to Sunday...especially those who stay late at the restaurant on Saturday night. Be assured we do look for good quality food and value for money when we select eating/drinking houses and you will not be disappointed,I promise you.

The current group consists of the following members who are listed in no particular order...PABLO MULLER,DENNIS STEVENS,ROBERT ROBINSON,DAVID WALLER,DAVID KENNEDY,NIGEL WALKER,LESLIE BAYNES (from the USA),IAN BOYD PAIN,BARRY GLIBBERY,PAULINE RUDGE(NOW MOAHAD),AILEEN NURSE & ME OFCOURSE... in addition you are also likely( but not written in stone ) to meet some ladies too who usually join their husbands,partners etc.who are always welcome as would be yours if she was able to attend and they are DIANE STEVENS, FREDA ROBINSON, DI KAYSER,MRS KENNEDY,MRS WALKER &MRS BOYD PAIN.. That means at present there are 18 in total. You will see many old photo's,text entries and reminiscences of us all and others we have been unable to locate on most of the sites I aforementioned..

In addition I have been in touch with BOBBY IRSHAD and his wife who live in Pakistan and they may be there with us all in September. SALEEM KAZI has been contacted by Bobby and he may too appear G-d willing. I hope this email has not been too comprehensive for you and invite you to contact me on behalf of the group or if you know any of them you have their email addresses on this communique.

My contact details are as follows..Landline 01462 623215...Mobile 077036 77542   Facebook  HAROLD GABRIELE KAYSER. Would love to hear from you when you have a moment or more to spare..

Shalom Aleichem (Peace to you and your family) from us both...take care and stay healthy..

Harold (AKA Gabz) and Di (Daz)


Preston College

Date: Sat, 17 May 2014 13:57:13 +0100

Hi Harold,

You probably won't remember me, but I was at your old School, for a year or so, in the late fifties / early sixties.

It was nice to see on the website that the some old familiar names are still around. 

My schooling was a bit disjointed following an ill-starred move south to Brighton and I missed out on about six moths, or so, of schooling, before joining yours and was moved around a bit between year groups.

Preston College seemed a bit small and quiet after the more "scandalous" private school I had attended in Sheffield, ( don't ask ) but the move to Lindfield was interesting, to say the least, ( just as my parents had moved to the Preston Park area ).

Anyway, ' don't want to drone on, but I now live in central Lewes and know what happened to Tom Bastock

All the best,

Mike Ward-Sale,

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