Felicitations and thanks to you all...over 1 year old...

Hi to all members of the OPCPO and both Di and I trust all is well with you all and that includes all the members wives and partners that we are aware of (hopefully,assuming we have not lost our memories yet ) lol....

On the 20th May 2013 we sent out our first email to Leslie Baynes in the good ol' US  of A..and we all have managed to accumulate a good number of EX PC pupils since then..infact if we all turned up with our other halves there would be 20  in total of us (including Bobby Irshad and good wife ) if they get back to us and are able to join us too and that would be great if 100% of us turn up in September this year..plus a few more would be even better if we all could find one more each and that would easily exceed 30!   

It has been a very enjoyable task taking on the roll of Secretary General dogs body and exciting times seeking out new faces from those panoramic pics,college cricket pics,Facebook and the other sites that we have investigated..i.e My B&H site for starters.

Special thanks to Chief Lord of the Flies (files.too) for his indefatigable efforts in producing and ongoing efforts to greatly improve the quality,clarity and size of the pictures in our group library and many humorous inputs from many of you.

Gratitude and thanks too for Aileen,Pauline,Barrie G,Robby,David Waller,Dennis,and all of your good selves for your contributions in our ongoing search seeking for more ex pupils to join the group etc.

We are sure you will wish better healthy times ahead to Mrs.Irshad,Saleem Kazi,and in fact any of us who are not 100% at this time.

If we can find more currently elusive PC people the reward to us all will be fantastic. May our second year provide us with meets 4 and 5 and just blossom from there onwards ..PG we should all enjoy the very best of health  

New pics,names and memories all help to keep this great group of "oldies" working together and meeting each other,contacting and hopefully enjoy many happy prosperous years ahead. We are sure you will all drink to that!

Said all that needs to be said and we wish you all a good summer ahead ..Take care and nucchus* ( good luck in Yiddish*)

Di and Gabz.

Hi Di and Gabs.

Surely your not taking a bloody great ironing board with you? i know Bulgaria may be behind the times, but even they might have one in the Hotel room? if not, do what we did at school, and put your trousers between the mattress and bottom sheet, although if the mattress's are still filled with straw there, the top maybe a bit uneven.  The only place i know where the words "Semper Fidelis" were, was on the long horizontal wooden board that spanned the top of the main entrance doorway in gold letters on a black background in old English writing, naming the building in PRESTON ROAD as "Preston College.. ect", also they were on the top of the official letter writing pages in small red letters. If you recall we were allowed to write home with one of these pages every Sunday night between the hours of six and seven pm. (Prep Time). And of course on our blazer badges. 

looking forward to these pics that Pablo is doing, i don't remember this other guy that you have found, "Michael Ward Sale ?? maybe if i see his photo it may jog the ol' brain?

Anyway Harold, you and Di enjoy yourselves in Bulgaria, but watch your wallet in the back pocket, and especially the back street currency "dealers" and their "palm tricks".

Hope all is well and ship shape with the rest of you guys, hope to see you all again soon. stay safe and take care.

All the very best to you all.

Dennis Stevens

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