The Pit Post-Florentines


are often accused, by non-Florentines, of having la puzza sotto il naso, or, the stink under the nose, meaning they are snobby.  Arrogant.  Elitist.  But then if you listen to Italians from any town or city around the peninsula you would be amused at their rather strong opinions of each other:  Romans are thieves, Calabrese are hard-headed, Torinese are friendly but phony, Napoletani are loud, and Sicilians will give you their heart, but don’t cross them or they will cut out yours.  It is no different anywhere else in Europe, and it happens on a much larger scale.  According to an Economist article in May of 2013, most European countries view the Germans as the most trustworthy, but at the same time as the most arrogant, along with the French.  Italians are perceived by most other Europeans as the most compassionate.  But let’s get back to my people, the Florentines, in an effort to determine the validity of the aforementioned “stink under the nose.”

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