Makin Island and the 19 men the Marines had not forgotten

Makin  Island

A true story  about 19 Marines killed defending an island against the Japanese.

The Marines were forced to retreat, so they asked the islanders to please bury the dead Marines they were forced to leave behind. 

Years later, an islander who had been a teenager notified the U.S. Military about the dead Marines left behind on the island and said he remembered where  they were buried.

The Marines flew a C130 with a full military honor guard to the island to recover the dead.  There they found all 19 Marines had been buried with their helmets on, their rifles in their hands, in  perfect condition. The islanders buried the 19 men as requested,  with the utmost care and respect as true warriors.   

As they were  loading the bodies, a voice from out of nowhere started singing The Marine Hymn"..........gave everyone goose bumps. The voice was from the teenage islander who spoke no English but remembered the song the Marines taught him when they landed. 

Very touching and incredibly moving. 

The Marines returned all 19 Marines and their photos can be seen at the end of this video.  This of course was in the last years of WWII. 


Video now included. 

You will find this video clip and WWII story of interest especially appropriate to recall it on Memorial Day 2018. Dick popup?v=C6f_FvZpm3g


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