Paxhill Park...a historical insight into the mansions inhabitants etc


AD 1598-1606...Built by Stephen Borde,he was a yeoman..he also built Borde Hill House followed by the famous gardens some years later...

       1606.............Ninian Borde lived at Paxhill

       1721.............Thomas William Borde lived there too

       1768.............Thomas Gibbs Crawfurd an officer of the Royal horse guards (known as the blues)

       1787.............The entire Borde family left Paxhill forever leaving it to his three daughters and co-heiress and one wed Thomas                                     Gibbs Crawfurd.

       1864.............Noyes family bought Paxhill

       1865.............First major renovation at the mansion

                            The annexed buildings to the left of the mansion were built.

 Entry via an arched courtyard infront and was reputedly named "The Stables"  block. The main building had a high octagonal turret (tower) added at the far right end, loggia and parapet over it. To the south facing river Ouse end  there were two storeyed bays with a family crest carved into the sandstone flank wall above the arches. The new  look  was strictly 19th century where the annexe was at the Stables end.                  

1889............There were minor further renovations to the building but no  reference can be found on these changes.  

1891............Joseph Walden was the grounds gardener there until1936 when he died. His partner Clara  Millyard and he are buried in Lindfield cemetery and their tombstones are pictured on thelocal press of 1936.        


FOOTNOTE..There is a priests hole concealed behind a window shutter enough to accommodate several people.and one of the ceilings on the ground floor has a trapdoor to the floor above. It has a stone bench within,would you believe!

Thought you would find the above informative and maybe might want to add this to your sites..but do forward it to all concerned in our group if they are mildly interested...

Take care and Shalom Aleichem to you all.



1563 Ninian Borde began to build Paxhill

1585 Edward Payne lived there prior to completion

1595 Johan Boord lived there and died in 1661

1596 Alice Boord lived there and died in 1680

1598 Sir Stephen Borde built Borde House near Haywards Heath

1606 Ninian Borde died there

1618 Throsby Thomas Borde born and lived there

1625 Henry Boord died 1708

1628 John Board died 1697 !st of 4 family crests

1630 Sir Stephen Borde died

1636 Jacqueline Board lived there and died in 1660

1669 John Board lived there and died in 1729

1673 John Board lived there

1673 Peter Board lived there

1674 Elizabeth Board lived there

1695 Cornelius Board lived there and died in 1745  2nd family crest

1697 John Board died there

1720 James Board lived there and died in 1803

1721 ThrosbyThomas William Borde lived there

1736 John Board lived there and died in 1762

1739 James Borde lived there

1740 William Harris Borde died  1795

1743 Virginia Borde lived there

1743 James Borde  died  1796

1743 William Borde there and 4th family crest introduced

1746 Jeanette Borde died  1814

1749 John Borde  died  1821

1750 Gregory Board died  1811

1750 Patrick Borde died 1839

1754 John Board died 1821

1755 George  Borde  died 1846

1755 Louise Board died 1811

1762 Cornelius Boord died 1830

1763 Annas Borde died 1845

1763 Richard Borde died 1859

1764 Hestor Borde died 1856

1768 Francis Borde died 1808

1768 James Borde died 1817

1768 Thomas Gibbs Crawfurd bought Paxhill (died 1840)

1771 James Borde remained there

1787 Borde family left Paxhill

1850 circa..Peter Northall Laurie bought Paxhill(died 1877)

1864 The Noyes family lived there

1865 Paxhill under 1st renovation,Elizabethan style

1877 Sir William Sturdy bought Paxhill

1889 Paxhill under 2nd renovation

1891 Joseph Walden,gardener to the estate

1905 William Sturdy sold Paxhill

1939/1945 WW2  Canadian armed forces billeted there

1946 onwards the thread runs dry




The building housed a boarding school in the sixties
I was a boarder there for a few terms in 1964

It was a old people home in

It was a old people home in 1970 owned By kitty Goodwin. I lived there a child.

Paxhill visit

I visited this spot when you lived there and met you all.

Lived there as a child

I lived in Paxhill Park from about 1970 ish onwards when it was an old people’s home.
I recall Capt. Goodwin there and his son Alan and I think daughter Mary??
My mother was live in help. Along with a woman called Margret. The two women did not get on.
Huge old kitchen ran by Ethel the cook.
Learned to ride my first bike there.
Have a picture of me out the back under a magnolia tree in a cowboy outfit.
Huge pea shingle driveway approach to the house.
Many memories.

Paxhill Park House

Thomas Gibbs Crawfurd didn't buy the house in 1768: he wasn't born until the following year. He died in 1830 not 1840. It was his son William Board Edward Gibbs Crawfurd who died in 1840. The eldest boys of the family were all known as Gibbs.

Paxhill Park House.

Sure it wasn't Gabz??

Paxhill Park

Looking back, I guess it must have been........

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