The Pit Post | Wednesday

The Pit Post | Wednesday

Thursday, Friday.  Sixty million, one hundred forty-one thousand, nine hundred fifty-two people deserve at least 3 days of mourning.  So that gives us one more day to walk around like zombies and then we really ought to get on with our lives. Nothing we can do but keep scratching our heads.  Why The Frown? We went from Worst to First, when Barack Obama became the First African American President of the United States back in January of 2009 replacing President Dumbya.  And now from first back to worst, the first Head of State since the peanut farmer to possess a moral compass, to one who couldn’t define moral with a dictionary (His vocabulary would suggest he doesn’t own one). Damn, after one of the nastiest, dirtiest, most insulting (to all Americans) campaigns in my lifetime, the next four years are going to be anything but a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.  As for Hillary, she promises the pain is going to last a long time, which it always does When They Fall, especially when the giants are corrupt giants.  


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