A Rip in the Iron Curtain: Photos From the Hungarian Revolution, 1956


    Caption from LIFE. "Rebels shoot vainly at an observation craft flying over Jozsef Circle. Soviet jet planes also . . .


     Michael Rougier—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

It lasted less than three weeks, from Oct. 23 until Nov. 10, but the Hungarian Revolution that convulsed Budapest and the rest of Hungary in late 1956 sent shock waves through eastern and central Europe that reverberated for decades. More than a few historians, in fact, cite the popular revolt as the first rip in the Cold War's Iron Curtain.

To read the rest of the story & see the photos, follow the link. http://time.com/3878232/the-hungarian-revolution-of-1956-photos-from-the-streets-of-budapest/?utm_source=time.com&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=life&utm_content=2018082715pm&xid=newsletter-life-weekly&eminfo=%7b%22EMAIL%22%3a%22tVfhVGIM7QPPwR49xDAjtFRYfqTVf7fO%22%2c%22BRAND%22%3a%22TD%22%2c%22CONTENT%22%3a%22Newsletter%22%2c%22UID%22%3a%22TD_LIF_7F3C6332-333B-4861-BFEB-5B055851BF6C%22%2c%22SUBID%22%3a%2284261034%22%2c%22JOBID%22%3a%22863946%22%2c%22NEWSLETTER%22%3a%22LIFE%22%2c%22ZIP%22%3a%22%22%2c%22COUNTRY%22%3a%22%22%7d


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