UCL Christmas Screenings, New Equipment, Forum, and more!

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UCL Film & TV Society 2020/21, Newsletter #3

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Dear members,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the FilmSoc committee!
It has been a rather strange first term, but we are hoping that in the new year we will be able to resume most of our activities, while keeping our members safe. According to the latest news from the Union, we might also be able to hold in-person events, however everything is a bit uncertain at the moment with the new tier restrictions. We hope to give you further updates at the start of Term Two.

  1. Christmas Screenings
  2. New committee members
  3. Special Christmas committee podcast
  4. Term Film Crew Call
  5. New Website
  6. Blog & Podcast
  7. Conclusion

FilmSoc's screenings producer, Bryn Chiappe, has scheduled two special screenings, one on the 21st and another one on the 22nd of December. Both will happen, online, as always, on our forum.

Dec 21st 6pm - It's a Wonderful Life (1946)

"Frank Capra’s 1946 classic It’s a Wonderful Life was initially a failure at the box office and received mixed reviews from critics, but it has gone on to be arguably the quintessential Hollywood Christmas film. The film stars James Stewart as George Bailey, a man who has given up his dreams to help others, and whose imminent suicide on Christmas Eve brings about the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence Odbody (Henry Travers). Clarence shows George how he, George, has touched the lives of others and how different life would be for his wife Mary and his community of Bedford Falls if he had not been born."

You can join the screening here.

Dec 22nd 6pm - In Bruges (2008)

"Writer-director Martin McDonagh’s 2008 film In Bruges is a dark comedy pushed to the furthest extent – the screenplay’s hilarious moments and brutally depressing ones bleed into each other in a way that creates a viewing experience which is often thrilling and troubling simultaneously. Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) deliver sharp, witty dialogue in a fantastic double act as Irish hitmen sent to hide out in the tiny, picturesque Belgian town of Bruges over the festive season. The town increasingly becomes a repressive cage for Ray as he struggles to deal with his emotions in such a purgatorial state, and pressure from their boss Harry (Ralph Fiennes) back home leads to the trip becoming very different from the laying low and sightseeing that Ken had in mind. Christmas doesn’t play a big role in the film, but it should function as an excellent alternative to a more sentimental family classic for this time of year."

You can join the screening here.

You can find both screenings on our forum!

We were able to fill all vacant committee positions with our recent election held on our forum.

Our new committee members are:

We are very excited to welcome them into FilmSoc's committee. Thank you for joining us!

We will be posting their introductory messages very soon on our forum and Instagram account.


We recently recorded a special FilmSoc podcast episode with some members of the committee. Our aim was to do a Secret Santa themed show, but we ended up discussing different items found in our favourite Christmas films.

This will be released soon on FilmSoc's blog, which you can find here.


Given that both our Term Films are in pre-production, we will be opening very soon the crew application form. This will be posted exclusively on our forum, so make sure you register before-hand in order to apply.

Less opportunities might be offered for both films this year as the Union is quite strict on the amount of people that we can have on set. On the other hand, we have been quite busy with live events that we have been running for the Union. They are planning on hosting two live streams in January, for which we will be needing a crew. Information on this will be posted on the forum as well. If you have any questions about the term films, please open a thread in the forum or contact Lucas (Drama Producer).

You can always find more details regarding different film opportunities here, ranging from short film productions to videography and documentaries. 

Link to the forum.

We recently updated our website with a complete redesign, long-overdue. We are still tweaking things, as there are many bugs yet to catch, so we would really appreciate it if you could send us some feedback about how the new website is displayed on your device. There are still many additions to be made, such as a list of our recent productions, the equipment and studio rental forms, and more. We hope to have everything ready very soon!

We have also fully switched from the uclfilmsociety.co.uk domain to uclfilm.com. Our websites are now:

Old posts from our site are still accessible from the archive, which you can find here.

Link to the new website (uclfilm.com)

Blog & Podcast editors Tomi Haffety and Pihla Pekkarinen have a message for you:

"Throughout December, the Blog and Podcast have been posting regular updates. A few of our writers went to London East Asia Film Festival, which took place on the 10-13th of December. This festival was held entirely through in person screenings, in cinemas across London. Luckily, this was before the sudden tier 4 announcement, and so our writers were lucky to get this opportunity. There are already two reviews on the blog, and two more scheduled to come out soon so stay tuned for them! Our podcasts continue to garner lots of interest, and our festive committee podcast is due to be published later this week. This is a wholesome conversation between the committee members and makes for great, jovial listening. As always, if you want to get involved with the blog then get in touch with the Editors, Tomi Haffety or Pihla Pekkarinen, or email the society. We would love to have more writers for 2021! "


To conclude, we would like to remind you to take a look at our Google Calendar (calendar.uclfilm.com) for all the upcoming workshops, screenings and events that you might wish to get involved in (you can also add it to your own Google account).

Despite the latest news, we are looking forward to what 2021 can bring us and we hope to provide you with as many filmmaking and film-related experiences as possible. 

We wish you a pleasant Christmas break and we look forward to seeing you in the new year.

All the best,
FilmSoc Committee



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