Viva Preston College & Simply the best one yet!

Hi our fellow friends,

We just wanted to thank you all who appeared on Saturday the 22nd March.

We think it is a real shame that those who could not or did not join us missed what we can only describe as the very best one thus far..even though there has only been two meets to date.!

We both considered that the timing of the meet at the RAH was right and the subsequent meal at The Little Bay restaurant was not only ideal but atleast we all managed to talk with each other in the right environment and ambience and there were no crowds of people and screaming kiddiwinkles to mar the event.

As far as the grub was concerned we hope you all enjoyed your choice of eats, the plonk and the overall tariff which we thought was delicious and worthy of the No 37 rating out of 700+ eating houses in Brighton and Hove listed by trip advisor via the internet.

It would therefore be an ideal venue for our next meet towards the end of the year and we noticed there was a pool table in the hotel annex which would provide us with the added opportunity to have a PC knockout as an additional activity for all who want to play(the more the merrier) and it will be great fun if anyone wants to  bet on the outcome and ultimate winner of the event.

So assuming this is possible and given the ability to compete in this prior to our  nosh time or even after if any of us are still standing after the plonk consumption.

Do let us have any suggestions or other ideas you may like to put forward ofcourse.

Hope you all agree the venue was excellent value for money and if okay we can ofcourse meet at the restaurant at the bottom of West Street instead of the RAH..

As a collective accolade from all of us to you Leslie for coming to the event all the way from Martha's Vineyard in the Good ol' United States of America..It was  really great to see you and hope to see you again and we are sure all the rest of us concur with our praise for you..

We will always welcome all those we contact regularly by email even though they did not appear and you know who we refer to..As for Ian,Barry and Nigel we hope  you can come to the next meet which we will all discuss later. It seems that late October seems ideal at this time but subject to change ofcourse. Please do not stop talking with us if you have any other future suggestions in any decision as usual.

Take care and Shalom to you and yours.

Gabz and Di.


From Dennis Stevens.

Hello everyone.

Just to say how much Diane and i enjoyed all of your company on Saturday, nice food, nice restaurant, nice sea view, and above all, momentous company! Went for a pint with David Kennedy on our way to the station, he was staying in Hove, so we left him in the pub and went on to get the 1830 hrs train, .Unfortunately i do not have David's email address so could not include it on this note, so maybe one of you can include it in your next communique?

October sounds ok Harold, and your choice of venue would be excellent, it certainly was better than that last one in November.

I spoke with Robert on Sunday Harold, and we both agreed in our mutual appreciation for your efforts and hard work in tracing so many, even so only seven of us turned up, however, it did not diminish the day in any way, and i can guess that Di enjoyed herself as much as Diane and Hopefully, Freda, Mrs Kennedy, Heather,(along with hubby Nigel) will all be there next time, so take it easy on those go-karts Nigel.

Pablo, i trust your flight home was ok and you arrived safely in sunny Florence without incident, good to see you again as always, (i think your safer on a plane than you are on a bicycle. Only you and i know what that means, maybe that Swedish matron would know also)!!

Goodbye my friends, looking forward to our next gathering, (were still a special breed with the same bond that tie's us). You all take care, keep safe, and stay well.



Hi D and D from 'er and me!

Actually there were 9 of us and not 7,but that does not detract from the absolutely fabulous time we all shared last Saturday. It was a resounding success in every way possible and we will be back (Arne's quote) probably in  late October and not in September as some of the guys have other commitments which the rest of us must honour.

On the downside it is a real shame that those members who could not make it for whatever reasons have the pleasure of discovering The Little Bay restaurant for themselves and I am in no doubt that the time we all spend together will be extended from 12noon on to around 10 or 11pm as I am sure we will take advantage of the free entertainment offered by Gabriel, the convivial manager. Obviously not everyone might be able to stay that late but even if they manage to endure the pomp and atmosphere of the joint up to say 10pm. it will ofcourse be busier but atleast there will not be too many children around save the big kids in our group like I endorse your comment about Pablo and must include also Leslie who was a great orator and laughter maker at the event.

Sure all members would concur with my comments and we wish him and his family in the USA all the very best and look forward to future meets from November 2014.

I really hope to see Pauline and Aileen at the next one too and sad that Aileen could not even communicate with us and  inform us why she did not appear as she has contributed many forgotten names and faces to our pupil lists and pictures Pauline. we all hope you are feeling better and it would be great to see you if only to increase the female(superior gender) to our fold of Diane and Di! Robby, we hope Freda is on the mend too and let's be 'aving more of the fairer sex later in 2014.

Well guys,that's about all for now and working on the OPCPO newsletter which will be out in April sometime,please do forward any snippet of news or info you wish to include in this or future months ahead.

Adieu to you all, our good friends and partners in sorry crime.

Shalom Aleichem or the reverse ofcourse..which I have forgotten but ends with Aleckem Salaam methinks...

Gabz with Di

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