English: The Language I Thought I Knew


Cum Grano Piperis


 “Crisps.” “Pram.” “Sitting exams.” “Taking the piss (out of something or other).” There are at least several hundred, and probably thousands of words unique to British English.

    There is also a less easily delineable category of expressions which, though not exclusively British, have their meanings complicated by tone and context when used in the UK. These tend to be deceptively simple: indeed, in the first conversations, you are blissfully oblivious of anything awry…and as you talk to more people, a sense of vague discomfort sets in as you begin to suspect that there is something you are missing…until at last you have that “ah-hah” moment where you realize the misguided naiveté of taking such expressions at face value.

    Every language and culture has its idiosyncrasies. These examples do not mean that people here aren't kind, friendly and sincere, which they are; communication is just more complicated than I would have expected, which makes it fascinating as well as treacherous to bumble and wonder about what everything really means.

    Take these two examples of unassuming expressions with hidden barbs (if you are not English, try to give them the appropriate accent when you read them to yourself in your head):

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