Five Spanish regions top EU unemployment table

The arguments bandied about by the government that Spain’s economy is on its way to recovery are in stark contrast to the statistics that are regularly released by Brussels. Figures published on Tuesday by Eurostat, for example, reveal that the top-five regions in the European Union in terms of unemployment rate are all Spanish, an unprecedented result since the statistical series began.

The top spots on the list are occupied by Andalusia (which closed 2013 with an unemployment rate of 36.3%), Ceuta (35.6%), Melilla (34.4%), the Canary Islands (34.1%) and Extremadura (33.7%). Further down the list there are more Spanish regions to be found, with Castilla-La Mancha in seventh place (30.1%) and Murcia ninth (34.4%). West Macedonia and Central Macedonia (Greece) occupy the sixth and eighth spots, respectively, with 31.8% and 30.0%, while the French region of Reunión comes in 10th, with a 28.9% unemployment rate.

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