Marketing scam & they say theres no fool like an old fool!

Hi All, I want to relate salutary and expensive tale and perhaps save you from making the same mistake.

Earlier this year I was using the internet quite a lot researching accommodation in Brighton, and some parts for my car. Every so often an advert for face cream popped up and I ignored it, but one time I clicked on it and saw a long video about this magic face cream. The long and the short of it was that they were offering a months free trial - you only had to pay postage and package, about £6.00. I asked my wife if she fancied some free face cream and she said YES, and I thought why not. If it worked as promised it would take about 40 years off her!

I ordered it and paid the postage with credit card and about a week later it arrived, a tub of clenser and a tub of cream. I was surprised that there was no info in the package to make further orders but thought no more about it. My wife tried it and wasn't overly impressed. I don't think she gave it a very fair trial but that doesn't matter. 2 or 3 weeks later my credit card statement arrived, it showed the £6.00 postage charge and 2 weeks later a charge of £89.00 and £95.00 from the same company. I phoned the credit card people to query this. They told me I had been scammed, that somewhere in the small print in the video it said that by requesting the free sample I was agreeing to a monthly supply of the cream unless I contacted them within 2 weeks and cancelled it.  At no time was I aware of the price of the cream, I think if it was mentioned in the video I would have noticed because to me that is very expensve cream, £190.00 per month.

The credit card company put a stop on that company, and I also contacted the cream company to remonstrate, but they didn't give me any refund!

They say theres no fool like an old fool!


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