This couple will certainly always remember their wedding day!  Amazing production and views.  Donna

 The dancing was filmed (26 Feb 2012) on Moscow's “overlook” in Sparrow Hills.

Looking down from the overlook” you see the largest stadium in Russia (140K capacity).

The ski jump is for practice and training - if you make a mistake, you end up in the  river below.

The church at the end opposite to the ski jump is Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church, and it's beautiful.

The large building on the opposite side of the road beside the overlook is the Moscow State University and the top of the tall center tower has one of the Kremlin stars.

Try and not smile as you watch this - you will. “Putting on the Ritz”, in Moscow, no less!

What a crazy, delightful, ever changing world!  Who could have thought that in 2012 young people in Moscowwould put on a "flash mob" happening, dancing to an 83 year old American song, written by a Russian born American Jew (Irving Berlin)?


Sound On! Enjoy...



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